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Wed, Nov. 25th, 2009, 11:12 pm
evanes4ever: (no subject)

Dear members of community, рlease help me to find movie script "Hotel for Dogs", I desperately need it for my lessons.

Thanks in advance!:)

Tue, Sep. 9th, 2008, 05:20 pm
diello: Deutsch Heute

Help! Is there anyone out there who has taken an introductory German course with the workbook for Deutsch Heute (8th edition)??? I am missing vital pages!

Missing pages I've noted so far:

If you have them, and if it's possible, could you scan them and send them to me? Or if you have a pdf of the book or whatever, that'd be awesome, too.
Pass it along if you know someone who's got 'em... please?

I bought the book used, and now I know why I it was so cheap.


Thu, Sep. 4th, 2008, 03:01 pm
taorminese: need help

Hallo! I help the Russian web-site www.tuleni.ru. These are defenders of harp seal pups, it is a young organization and the do not have money to pay professional translators. I have the last video to translate, but I do not have a good ear for what they are talking. I want to find somebody who could kindly write the text or write some phrases what it is about. I will translate it into Russian and the information will go to the web-site.Thank you very much in advance for your help. This is the link of the video: http://smotri.com/video/view/?id=v3963274144

Mon, Jun. 9th, 2008, 05:13 pm
ruthannereid: Chechen Folk Tale

Hello, everyone! I have a professional story-teller friend who really, really needs this to be translated:


It's Chechen, and some sort of folk tale. Can anyone help?

Wed, Dec. 26th, 2007, 04:27 pm
web_odonata: for those who learn russian

 Hi everybody! If you need Russian language you might find this address helpful:
www.lingvo.com – the new site of the most famous Russian Dictionary software..
There are 2 interesting services: free online dictionary, can translate Russian to English, German, French, Italian, Spanish online.
and human online translation into numerous languages (paid).
Hope this is useful.

Sat, Dec. 15th, 2007, 06:25 pm
fun_studies: a study of American culture

Hallo, I'm new to this community.
I'm a Russian who studies American culture.
I'm working on my postgrad thesis in lingvoculturology and I'm asking you for help.

IF YOU ARE FROM THE USA AND YOU ARE A NATIVE SPEAKER, please help me (it's terribly difficult to find an American here in Russia and make him/her answer the
questions :))).

Please, give a detailed example – like a scene from a movie, a book or from life - of a situation when a person is having fun. Give your AGE, please.


Sat, May. 26th, 2007, 02:21 pm
mgpulingv: Seeking some help

Greetings to everyone,

I'm writing a course paper on political correctness in a Moscow-based university, and i desperately need several native speakes of English to fill in a short questionnaire to get relevant numbers. Could someone spare a minute and do this, please?

Your help will be invaluable, thanks !!!

Tue, Jan. 23rd, 2007, 01:32 am
nhainyan: Hi there)

We're two students from Moscow, English majors, in the middle of linguistic research at our university. We need several native speakers of English to fill in either of two short tests (or both of em :-). Your help would be invaluable. We can't do it ourselves, 'cause only native speakers possess the needed sense of the 'mother' language.

test 1
test 2
Please, could you assess the propriety of the sentences given in the tests?

P.S. Please feel encouraged to turn to us if you need any help with Russian in return :-)

Sun, Sep. 10th, 2006, 01:36 pm
chuanshuo: (no subject)

I'm very nervous about this assignment because the teacher didn't explain it very well. So the least I can do is try to write it well. I'll appreciate any corrections you can find. Heh, I'm sure there will be a lot.

Oh, and it's in French :P I should mention that.

faire du shoppingCollapse )

Merci beaucoup in advance!!
(x posted to whatever language communities I happened to be in)

Fri, Jul. 7th, 2006, 07:57 pm
chuanshuo: (no subject)

Gothic is supposedly the oldest known Germanic language. Although a few texts remain (deciphered, of course), the language is extinct. ALL Eastern Germanic languages are extinct as well... with a few exceptions regarding surviving texts.

I am trying to trace the evolution from Gothic to German. Does anyone know any surviving languages that might have evolved directly from Gothic that I could study? I was thinking of Gutnish but I also know Gutnish is most related to Swedish.

Any resources for people interesting in studying Gutnish? It isn't extinct, is it?

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